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233 Oshiaburakoji-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
- 3 minutes’ walk from Exit 2 at Nijojo-mae Station on the subway
- 8 minutes’ walk from Exit 2 at Karasuma-Oike Station on the subway


Q.1What time are check-in and checkout?
Check-in is at 4:00 PM, and check-out is at 10:00 AM.
Q.2Can you hold my luggage before I check in?
If you have a booking for the same day, we can hold your luggage until check-in.
Q.3Can you hold my luggage after I check out?
We can hold your luggage until 3:30 PM that day.
Q.4Can you hold luggage that won’t fit in my locker?
Yes, please bring it to the front desk for safekeeping.
Note that select luggage may require a charge to store (items other than golf bags, instruments, and duffel bags: 500 JPY)
Q.5Can I ship my luggage ahead of me?
You will have to pay cash-on-delivery, but we can handle shipment on your behalf.
Q.6Can I stay multiple nights?
However, you will be required to temporarily check-out by 10:00 AM even when staying multiple nights.
You can then re-enter your room after 4:00 PM.
You will be assigned the same capsule bed and locker, so you can leave your belongings as-is in the locker.
Note that the capsule itself will not be locked, so do not leave any valuables out.
Q.7Can children stay at the hotel?
We do not permit unaccompanied children under age 18 to stay at the hotel. (They can stay if accompanied by a parent or guardian of the same sex).
Q.8Can I leave the premises after checking in?
Yes, you can go out.
The front desk staff will keep your locker key and give you your shoe box key.
Q.9Is there breakfast?
Morning bread and drinks are provided for free in the Sky Lounge on the 10th floor.
Q.10What sorts of amenities do you offer?
The following items are offered free of charge.
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial soap, toner, lotion, hair tonic, tooth brushes, hair brushes, hair bands, razors, cotton swabs, cotton pads, earplugs, face towels, and bath towels.
Q.11If I suddenly feel ill, what should I do?
If you are able to walk, please come to the front desk.
There is also a direct intercom communicating with the front desk installed on each floor.
Q.12Can I smoke on the premises?
A smoking area is available on the veranda of the Sky Lounge on the 10th floor.
Q.13Can I do my laundry?
Washing machines are installed at the back of the 2nd and 9th floor powder rooms.(有料)。
Q.14Can I purchase food or drink on premises?
The Sky Lounge on the 10th floor serves soft drinks free of charge.
We offer cola, Oolong tea, juice, fresh-ground coffee, black tea, soup, and more.
A charge applies for beverages in vending machines. Please refrain from eating or drinking on the bed floors and accommodation spaces.
Q.15Do you accept credit cards?
We accept VISA,MasterCard,DinersClub,JCB,AmericanExpress and Union Pay.
Q.16Can I eat or drink in my room?
As a rule, food and drink are forbidden within the capsule beds.
Q.17Are shoes allowed inside the premises?
No shoes are permitted inside the premises.
Q.18Do the capsule beds have electrical outlets?
Only USB outlets are offered.
Q.19Is there a sauna?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a sauna.
Q.20When is the lounge on the 10th floor open?
It is open between 4:00 PM and 10:00 AM.
Q.21If I will be checking in after the day rolls over to the next date, what should I do?
If you contact us in advance, we will make accommodations to serve you.